Sunday, November 29, 2009


I think anytime there is a change in life, things need to change. With the passing of my father I've been thinking a great deal about my life. I'm not fully ready to leap into change but there are some things to consider.

1. I love my wife and now she's the one when there were two.
2. My own business
3. I'm beginning again to hate meat.
4. I'm questioning my faith. What exactly does it mean? Who is the best person to turn too? Please don't give me the obvious answer.
5. I've created a list of the most influential loving people in my life. If you are on that list you will know it just by my contact with you.
6. I watched my father for 45 years, work with other people. I watched his relationship with his wife of 25 years. I want that!
7. I have got to find a way to sleep. Since his passing I don't sleep. I think has something to do with the challenges above.
8. I want to run like Marco. I'm know he doesn't see it and maybe he won't ever care enough to put it all together (I would like to see him do it but I really only want him happy) but to watch him run is absolute beauty. The only way I can describe it is float. While other kids grind he just floats. I want to float.

It's a good life....

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