Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Need to Get Bigger

I was in the gym last night. The end of a very long day of getting out there and hitting it. I had just finished doing a set of back squats and was preparing to get into some front squats. I didn't know if I was using the best rack for front squats and in the moment of hesitation Mr. Big showed up. He was huge and comparing him to my 140lb frame was like comparing a Boing 747 to a Lear Jet. Anyway he shows up and asks if I'm done with the rack. At that point the thought came to me that I could say "no I have one more set to do" and have him watch me struggle with my small amount of weight or I could let him have it as though I had planned all along to use the other rack. I chose the "I planned to use the other rack" version and said "Yep, All done here". He sheepishly smiled and said, "good, I need to get a little bigger". I started laughing and said "Seriously, you need to get bigger".

I found a friend in the Gym and he's the complete oposite of me. He can lift with one arm what I can lift with two legs and two arms. He's 6'3'' or better and he's twice my weight. But it is solid strength. We both have the same problem, finding clothes that fit. We both have the same issue of people watching us (that of course is in our heads only). We both are trying to get the maximum out of our bodies. I hope to see him again so we can train together. We'll both get lots of rest when we switch the weights for each of our sets.

It's a good life...
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