Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Live the King

Today we learned that Larry "King" Solomon passed away. He fought bravely and with dignity but Cancer won. Larry leaves behind a lovely wife and two great kids. I worked with Larry for 12 years and knew him for 16. He always greeted me with a smile and always left me feeling better. He had heart. A really big heart. His passion was his kids. His priorities were his kids. He would come to work at 6am just so he could get home to coach baseball, or go to a swim meet or a football game. There was nothing more important to him than those kids. They will grow up to be outstanding adults because they had Larry as a Father. I hope one day when I'm gone someone writes this same thing about me. 
Larry we will all miss that big heart of yours. I feel very lucky to have known you and to have you in my life. I can't express how much you taught me. Thank You!

Below is a video Lance did for Larry. Yes that's right Lance Armstrong took time out of his busy day to send a message to Larry. A huge thank you to TK and Jimmy for getting this to Larry. It made an impact. 

Rest in Peace Larry. We love you. 

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