Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That's Quite a Few 0s

Today was the first day of school. 8th grade started.

I had lunch with a long time friend. He has been a financial planner for 14 years. He gave me a staggering figure that made me think. The average cost (in CA I believe) to raise a child today is $1,200,000. So that got me thinking.

1. Spend it wisely
2. You only get to do this once with your child or children so make it count.
3. If I had that much in cash right now I couldn't spend it.
4. There is nothing I'd rather spend that kind of money on than Marco.
5. For you new parents or those thinking about children yes, it is per child and yes it's a whole bunch of money but it's kind of like diapers, you never knew a kid could go through so many diapers and then when they are done with them you forget all about the diapers and only remember the kid.

It's a good life...
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