Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Running Partner

I've built some great running partnerships over the years. This past week I experienced two of them in the same week.

Marcus Voss - He's the guy in charge of Zoot Sales in Europe. I think we get along because I understand Germans and just roll with his way of doing things. We also get along well because we love sport. Generally any time we are together we run at 6:00am. This week we moved it to 6:30am but it's the same run. 1 hour at a steady pace. So far this year, Marcus and I have run in Annecy, France, Hamburg, Germany, and Cardiff, CA. For sure we have runs in Belgium planned later this year. I look forward to those runs. 

Scott Schilter - Scott and I have worked for years together. Either as sales rep (him) to retailer (me) or working to build the same brand (adidas running). Friday we ran togehter and it brought up thoughts of the places we've run together. Austin, Boston, Dallas, Chicago - San Diego, Portland, Herzogenaurach, DE and Wisconsin. I'm sure there are others that I can't remember but Friday was something special. We were both in Salt Lake City, UT for the Outdoor Retailer show. We loosely discussed running together when we found out our hotels were in the same city. Lehi, Utah. 20 miles south of SLC is Lehi. Not the hotbed of those going to the Outdoor Retailer show. In fact it's not the hotbed of anything I found. But somehow we booked separate hotels in the same small town and now can add Lehi to our list of many places we've run together. 

It's a good life....
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