Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blood Test Results

For a year or maybe longer I just haven't had that snap in my life. My racing has been off but even more than that many other markers like sleep patterns, mood and energy have been off. Most of the time I blame the travel that I do and if you look below you can see why:

2013 Travel Stats
130,000 miles in the air
75 nights in a hotel
10-15 overnight flights
7 trips with time changes greater than the standard USA 3 hours.

But instead of living it any more I decided to spend the money to get myself a full blood test. I used Wellness FX ( but there are many others like them. It's a simple process, you go to a local lab, and 3-5 days later your results show up on your WFX web page. Some 75 blood markers is what we looked and here are the key results right now.

Cholesterol - My total cholesterol is 223. I believe that would automatically make me a candidate for Statins if I went the medical rout. But if you look deeper I am not concerned.

HDL 107
LDL 102
Tiyglycerides 72

The LDL 102 would put me in the automatic Statin range. But the TG/HDL ratio of much lower than 1.0 which tells you that the LDL that I have is made up of mostly fat healthy cells and not oxidized cells. That and my HDL is really high. I give that all to the food I eat. Natural not from a box food. No Gluten and very little sugar.

Ferritin - My Ferritin (Iron Storage) levels are high at 173. The medical field believes this is a normal level. The functional medical field believes anything above 100 is too high and needs to be addressed immediately. So Thursday I gave Blood and will do so 2 more times in the next 3 months. I assume once we get it down we'll work on things to keep it down.

Thyroid - My thryroid is extremely high. We hear often that Obese people talk about low thyroid as one of their issues. Well the high thryroid does the opposite, it won't let you gain wait. Given the fact that I shed weight quickly this is an issue. So Friday I had another blood test to see go deep on Thyroid. Hopefully we can find the one marker driving it.

But we're also addressing a couple of the other markers that deal with energy and strength. My friend has me on a heavy dose of Amino Acids. Dose normally for a 250lb man. If changes don't occur than we will add to the mix. The Amino Acids I'm taking are a powder form that I drink twice a day. I will do this until the first of the year and then report back to Chris where then we will make a decision to carry on or stack on top of the Aminos.

I am also tracking my resting HR and Heart Rate Variability daily. Both are an indication of how rested you are. My HR has been it's normal low always in the 40's or in the 30's if I do it in bed. But the HRV has been low especially since I started the major travel block over the last 8 weeks. For me below 85 is low and yesterday my HRV was 58 and today it was 65. Once that number gets back to normal I can then expect to feel or not feel the effect of the Aminos. 

The current trend term of what I'm doing is Biohacking. What I'm really doing is simply trying to be a better man. 

It's a good life....

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