Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fast Boys and Good Friends

The Cross Country Season is officially over. Saturday marked the final race and it was a doozy. Only 175 of the fastest high school runners in the wild west. The occasion was the Footlocker West Region Championship at Mt Sac. The top 10 runners from this race move on to the National Championship held each year in Balboa Park, San Diego. Marco and the boys wanted to run the Mt Sac course and they wanted to finish the season on a high note. The day dawned cold and wet, perfect cross country weather. I've been to the Footlocker finals at least 10 years and to watch my son run in this West Final was emotional. When the gun went off tears, filled my eyes. The boys can walk off the season proud. They weren't the fastest in the group but they all ran strong, and finished strong. For Marco, he was one of 15 underclassmen in the race and he got a taste of big time cross country. He walked away from the race hungry which is a good thing.

This brings me to Good Friends. Marco and I sat down last week to talk about his goals for his senior year. We then back up and he set his goals for the upcoming track Season. First step was to give those goals to his coach and the second step was to establish some practices of injury prevention. So we turned to Chris Maund of Pacific Health and Fitness in Encintas. Chris is the trainer to the stars and he graciously took and hour out of his day to spend with Marco teaching him mobilization and stretching he could do. It was a great session and it was totally fun to watch Chris and Marco work together. They've known each other for 15 years and they've gone from little boy, man talk to man to man talk and now Trainer to Athlete talk. So very cool to see.

I take away from this that watching fast boys is fun and it's even better when one of them is your own. It's also great to have good friends who are willing to help with the goals of a 15 year old.

It's a good life....
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