Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Fly and Live to Tell About it

"Shift work and jet lag are short cuts to an early grave...literally!" - Chris Maund

This was the last sentence of the first paragraph Chris wrote in a lengthy email about my hyper active Thyroid. Chris is a great friend and he has no filter. It's why I love him. It made me stop and think for sure. He then went on and said Go to Herbs and More tell them that you travel all the time across multiple time zones and tell them you are an athlete. I did and walked out of the store with a host of new herbal supplements. One to calm my nerves, One adaptive herb and two different Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. That was 12 days ago and so far so good.

I wasn't 100% satisfied with my direction for the actual travel part of the trips and I have this trip looming where I fly to Germany on Sunday the 19th, back to Salt Lake City on the 22nd and home on the 23rd. I searched the internet for tips of the trade for those who fly often. Nothing that I don't do already stood out. I already drink 32 oz's of water before I board and at least that much on the flight. I already limit my food intake on the plane. But I still come off feeling like crap. 

Then On Monday I listened the The Bullet Proof Executive podcast with Dr. Jack Kruse and the pieces started to fall into place or at least a test for me on this next flight. The breakdown of the discussion was this, flying is hard on you, flying over multiple time zones on long haul flights is really hard, and the new allowance of wi fi on all flights turns the plane into a microwave.  That was enough for me, I listened intently on what to do. Below is my protocol for the two long flights. 

  1. 32 oz of water before boarding
  2. 800 mg of CoQ10 before boarding
  3. 200 mg of CoQ10 every 2 hours for the duration of the flight
  4. At least 32 ounces water on the flight
  5. Find the metal Legs of your seat or the seat in front and put your bare foot on it to ground yourself. 
I first ran into CoQ10 as an athlete in 1988. We were doing heavy training and trying to recover enough to work at night when the first Race Caps got to us. We started using them and they were magic. Our recovery improved dramatically. Since then I've used Race Caps for my stints in heavy Ironman training but not recently. Recently I stuck to basic nutrition. Then Dr. Kuse said something that really hit me. Taking a long flight is like doing a race. It ravages your body, The major thing the CoQ10 will do is prevent Blood Clots. It all made sense. I've thought often that I feel worse after a long flight than I do after a race and Dr. Kruse confirmed it. 

The grounding. Think about this. You have to know that a Wi fi signal is harmful. Now think about 250-300 cell phones or computers running wi fi inside a metal box. That just can't be healthy. According the Kruse grounding your body to the plane is the best way to limit the damage by the Wi Fi. 

I'll report on this in the coming week or so as I hit this major trip. 

It's a good life..... 
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