Monday, April 28, 2014

Running with the Boy: Never Would Have Imagined

Yesterday I sent a text at 2:30 or so to our son Marco. "Running at 4:30 if you want to join" At 4:15 he walked through the door and said "I'll be ready in 15 minutes". We headed to the coast to run relatively flat. My plan was to run 15 minutes at first half pace (for my race on Saturday) and then run 15 minutes at second half pacing (faster). All total it would be a 45 minute run. When he chose to join I decided to just let the pace go. He set the pace and it was brisk. We talked, waved to friends, and got to our turn around rather quickly. On the way back we stopped to look in the windows of the foreign car shop on the road. There is a Lotus in the window with 4,200 miles for $31,500. Then we headed back at a much quicker pace. At some point on the way back I said, "If I can run this pace on the second half of the run I'll win my age group." Marco of course said "Then you will win your age group"

I never imagined 15 years ago that I would still be running, running as fast as I was and most of all that the running would be with Marco. I would not trade our Sunday night runs for anything.

It's a good life….
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