Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The High School Runner: A Conversation about Ego

Names have been changed to protect the sanctity of the message: 

Marco: I hope Jim doesn't run the mile tomorrow

Me: Why because he'll be in your face about it? 

Marco: Yes, he wants to run 4:40 and course he will shove it in my face. 

Me: You said he was way behind you in the 400's yesterday

Marco: He was. 

Me: So if Jim runs 4:40 and you were ahead of him yesterday feel confident that even with a cast on you could run faster than 4:40. 

Marco: Maybe but that won't help when he's in my face. 

Me: You know how I deal with the big egos in my face talking about how great they are? I smile and say nice job. 

Marco: Rolling his eye's yeah right. 

Me: Try it once. Tomorrow when Jim or John get in your face about how fast they are running, just smile and say "Nice Job". You will stop them cold, they won't know what to say next. 

I would never have been able to do that at 15. I'm confident Marco can do it. It's the only way to quiet that ego in your face. 

It's a good life….

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