Friday, November 14, 2014

Five for Friday: Running in the Cold

My calendar told me I should be in Germany today. It still has much of the Zoot things on it. Right now I'd be in Germany at a Sales Meeting. I don't miss the work leading up to the sales meeting. I miss is getting up early each morning to run with my friend Marcus. I couldn't get people from the Zoot California office to run early but Marcus was ready to run any time and 6am was our time when we were together. I miss that. We didn't care what the weather was like outside, we were running. Today there are tips all over the internet about running in cold. I'll just add in what I do.

  1. Shorts stay on to 35F. Below that I put on tights. 
  2. Down to say 15F I can run in a long sleeve non thermal top with a running wind jacket, tights, gloves (mittens are best) and a hat. 
  3. Below 15F I add a layer to my top, usually just a thermal top. I also add a scarf of some kind to keep my neck and face warm. 
  4. Always start your run into the wind. I've run in below zero weather often and as long as I start into the wind I finish warm. 
  5. Pick up the pace. Hard running takes your mind off everything. You won't think it's cold when you are running hard. 
Last year a friend of a friend rode his bike to work every day. He lives in Chicago and if you know what the Chicago weather was like last year you might consider him crazy. He simply just put his mind to it. 

I also have to laugh just a bit. Most of my running is right here in Cardiff, CA. My biggest winter running decision is usually shirt or skin. 

It's a good life....

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