Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nothing to Lose

It's early Saturday morning CIF cross country day. The stakes are this: the best 2-3 teams will qualify to move on to the state meet next week. The next 5 best runners (not on a qualifying team) who place in the top 15 also go to state.

Marco is not on a Strong Team.

He has the talent to be one of the 5. This is true of about 10 runners.

I was thinking about words of wisdom and I came up with:

"You have nothing to lose"

But then I tried to rationalize why.

I find myself often thinking about what I have to lose with a decision. Way too much time. I really have nothing to lose. My family is tight and secure. Everything else is not a need it's a want and losing it would be hard but can be replaced.

My advice to Marco: You have reached more in running than most could ever dream of. If running ended today, you would end it as being one of the best runners in the county over the last 7 years.

Today is going to hurt like no other race ever: Love the pain, wrap your arms around it, cherish it:

You have nothing to lose........

It's a good life...

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