Friday, December 12, 2014

Five for Friday: My 5 Favorite Runs

Running has taken me to some amazing places. It's hard to have 5 that are tops but I'll give it a shot.

  1. Grossenseebach, Germany with my dog Scout. We had some really good times running in Germany. We would run from the house and just explore the multitude of trails around the area. I think our longest run was two hours together but most were 45 minutes to an hour. She was always ready to go and just loved to chase deer, hares and the occasional chicken. The area is famous for it's wild boar but we were lucky to never run into one of them. I will always remember those runs.
  2. Coast Highway Cardiff with Marco - We don't run together much anymore. He has his running buddies and quite frankly our paces have crossed paths. I used to slow down for him and now I'd have to run well above my comfort zone to run with him. I haven't changed that much but he has. We've had some amazing discussions on our runs and that's what always makes them great.
  3. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - I've had some epic runs in that park. Once I was tracked by a mountain lion. That was fun. On another occasion a 90 minute run turned into 3 hours with a good 30 minutes in one of those classic summer thunderstorms.
  4. Eldoret, Kenya - Just outside of the city we started a run at a measly 8,000 feet and finished 15 K later at 10,000 feet. We were treated to a feast by the runners at the finishing camp. What was so cool is we were 50 runners strong. I was given a 15 minute head start and I finished 5 minutes behind the last group. I loved every second of that run.
  5. The first run I ever went on. I was tired of the routine of Snickers after school and decided one day to lace up a beat up pair of Nike shoes I had and go for a run. It hurt so much that I went running the next day.
It's a good life....

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