Monday, December 1, 2014

My Sunday Long Run

I have been waiting for this book all year Fast After 50. It will be a few more days before I have it in my hands. Joe has been blogging about this frequently and to have it all in one resource will be great. I'm confident there are insights in this book that I'm not 100% aware of yet.

I've been meeting a friend every Sunday for a long run. I love that run because we like the pace we set and we talk about running the entire way. Yesterday we talked a great deal about the Long Run and how it's the best run for runners. The coach (My running buddy) talked about how bonking is not a bad thing. That hitting the wall and stopping is cheating yourself of great adaptation gains. That pushing through is essential because it will happen in a race.

About two thirds into the run I was pushing through. Alone I probably would have slowed or stopped. I'm glad I had my running partner there to help me push through.


Our Sunday runs always start with a group. In the group there are 5-6 runners in my age group. It's funny to listen and watch.

Things 50+ runners say or do

  1. Everything Aches
  2. I feel better when running than I do any other part of my day. 
  3. I have the tightest "Insert muscle group" on earth. 
  4. Every car has a "The Stick", a roller of some kind, and lacrosse balls. All to work out the aches before or after the run. 
  5. My favorite line is this "I go to bed feeling great and I wake up injured, that's life after 50"

The Long Run - Get it done! 

It's a good life.....

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