Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blood Sugar and Bacon Wrapped Avocado

As part of my body re-balance I've been asked to monitor my blood sugar. I now have great respect for those who's life depends on doing this.

I check my blood when I first wake up and then periodically through the day. According to my directive I should try to keep my blood sugar in the 80's and 90's. The simple math is the more carbohydrates I eat the higher my blood sugar goes. For instance if I eat rice at dinner with meat and veggies, my blood sugar at waking will be 125 or higher. If I just eat the meat and veggies it will be below 110 on waking. 

My protocol on waking is coffee with coconut oil. Within 1 hour of drinking it my blood sugar drops below 90. I can run for an hour come home and test and it will still be below 90. On big days, when I'm going to run 2 hours I ad butter to my coffee mix. My blood sugar stays the same buy my calorie intake goes super high. Currently during the hot summer months I can do that and only need water on the run. It's take me at least 18 months to figure this out. Only 3 months of actually measuring but 18 months to figure out what fuels me well. 

If I'm riding my bike I'll eat a "regular" breakfast.  

If I've ever said this, I'm the luckiest guy alive. My wife Mary puts up with me. We share the dinner preparation duties throughout the week but since she's not working or traveling this summer she's spent time trying new things out. 
This is Bacon wrapped Avocado. She bought precooked bacon. Wrapped the Avocado put some chili powder on them. Put them in the oven to crisp and served. I've never had cooked avocado but I will again. I made the salad to go with it and we had a feast. My fat intake on this one meal was high. I slept (9 hours) the best I've slept in 2 weeks. I woke up to a blood sugar at 101. 

It's a good life.....

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