Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Is Social Media Killing Your Sleep?

  1. It's strange to buy a shoe, wear test it and then prepare to write a review on it when 18 months ago I wrote the brief, reviewed the first blue print and set the wheels in motion to make the shoe. 
  2. I raced on Sunday and had a really good race. Sprinting is not my forte but it's quite fun. There is only one way to race, go until you can't. I had a great race within the race. I came up on this young guy and urged him to stay with me. I said "don't let the old guy beat you". We still had 1 mile to run. He ran out of his mind and finished 1 second behind me. It didn't matter that I was already 6 minutes ahead of him due to my later wave start. Then it hit me "This kid is half my age" and then it instantly hit me again "I am not half the age of anyone racing today" Strange. 
  3. I was listening to my friend Tawnee on Endurance Planet. It was an Ask the Coaches edition. There was a question from a listener about sleep problems. The listener was waking up every 90 minutes during the night. I did some research on the listener. She has sent 86,000+ tweets since she started on twitter. I would start there and shut it off. Go two weeks without twitter and see what happens to your life. I'm betting after the initial shock you will end up sleeping better. 
It's a good life....
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