Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Testing Days

Today was yet another testing day. One performance and one German. I'll start with the really happy one.

Driving Test
Complete. Tomorrow I pick up my new German Driver's licence. One thing I know for sure is it pays to pay. The first time I took the driving part of the test I made a major mistake and it cost me the test. Today after driving with the instructor 4 days in the last two weeks at 35 eoru each time, I made a major mistake and the testing guy let me slide. I'm sure that my other driving during the test made up some of the blunder but there is no doubt in my mind that the 140 euro I spent driving with the instructor sure helped out. Anyway after 8 months, a CPR Course, written test and driving test I finally have the darn thing. They sure don't make it easy. But I also have to thank California for part of this. Apparently California makes it hard for Germans to get their license so Germany does the same in return.

Bike Test - March
Today was a scheduled bike test. There is slight improvement and that's all I can ask for at this stage of my training. Today was much more than a physical improvement. It was also a mental one. Last month after the first test I quit on the second test. I gathered myself up and did it but it was mentally tough. Today I finished the first, recovered and then went after the second. The second was really taxing but it felt good to stay in it mentally.

1/20 2/21 3/04
Test 1 3.98 mi 153 HR 3.98 157 HR 4.04 157 HR
Test 2 4.2 mi 153 HR 4.0 160 HR 4.05 162 HR

Each test is 12 minutes with 15 minutes of warm up before and 8 - 10 minutes between each of the tests.

It's a good life....


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