Monday, March 17, 2008

New Run Test

It was run test day today. Same as reported yesterday, one hour or until I lose concentration. This one went very well. Running outside on the forest trails is easy. The pace is really easy but that's becuase it's a Max Aerobic Test not a Maximum Speed test. So the ultimate goal is train my body to run further than I did today. I will do this with long runs below this HR. Hill Repeats at this HR and speed workouts that are in general just strides done on form, fast and short. I'm confident that the distance will go up as I continue to build aerobic strength.

Test Time Distance Pace Avg HR
Run 60:00 6.92 miles 8:40/mile 142

I can tell by my comfort that in January I would have been at roughly 9:15 at this pace. Three more weeks roughly and I'll do this again.

It's a good life....


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