Sunday, February 15, 2009

Change and Radomness

One of my favorite songs when I was a kid was Roll with the Changes by REO Speedwagon. Yes I know I date myself all the way back to the heartland of the US but it’s a fact I was fan and can still play all their songs on the Guitar. The chorus of the song is Keep on Rolling with the Changes. I think it’s important right now to let changes roll right off you. If you don’t you could drive yourself crazy. Earlier this week I was told I wasn’t traveling to Boston in April. As part of the trip I was going to run the Boston Marathon. I hired a coach to help me get through Boston and then help me hit my triathlon goals for this year. Doing both was daunting. And then on Tuesday of this week my boss called me into his office and said travel budget cuts were handed down and my trip wasn’t going to happen. Does this mean I’m going to find another Marathon to run, no. I’ve adjusted my goals and am content with the decision. Boston will happen one day and it’s more important to me to keep an even head about this because guess what, more change is on the way. I don’t know that for fact but the Economy isn’t going to improve anytime soon so I expect more changes or challenges to be handed my way. So I will keep humming my song with a smile on my face and Roll with the Changes.

Let's go ride a bike. The best riders in the world are making their way through the greatest state in the US. If you get a chance get out their and cheer the riders on. This is a very hard sport. These guys are going to suffer their way through 8 days of early Spring California Rain. They finish on an epic day of climbing. I call myself lucky to have been able to ride all the climbs they are doing in one day. It's some hard riding and I certainly wasn't going the pace they were. In fact the picture to the right of me running is on Cole Grade their last climb. I believe it is this hill that will decide the race next Sunday and I'm going to be glued to the TV to watch. A great article on Floyd Landis on Friday in the San Diego Union Tribune. Guilty or not this guy lost everything, served his time and is back racing. It tells you just a litte of how tough these guys are.

Swim Test
I did another swim test today. 1500 meters at an Aerobic pace. In other words I could breath the entire way. I did it Long Course style so there were a few less turns and walls to push from. With all that said I swam more comfortably and faster than I did a Month ago in Salt Lake City. Today I Swam 25:00 and averaged 1:40 per hundred. One month ago I did 1000 yards at 1:36 per hundred. Believe me, today was faster. For those of you who have joined me in mutiple masters sessions this is slow for me but much more controlled. I'm working (because the coaching tells me to) on swimming fast with proper form. I'll be a better swimmer when I get there.

Is that a line?
Yesterday Marco and I went skiing at a local ski mountain. It's roughly 90 minutes from the house. Two lifts and two good long runs. We had a great day but had some trouble with the Lines. If you have ever been to this part of Europe there really are no lines. If a Cash register opens it's a mad dash to get their first. 90 year old women with one item don't stand a chance. So yesterday the lift "line" was a mess. At one of the lifts the wait was 40 minutes and there was not order to it. People just pushed their way in. Marco and I got seperated in the mob once. Nobody seemed to care that a 10 year old might want to be with his Dad. Some big old guy pushed littel Marco aside to move up one place in the mob. It was crazy. The easiest way to control it would be to limit the lift passes sold and extend the railings but that would not fit with area. This is the way it's been done so why change it.

Moonlight Beach - Encinitas California
I leave you today with a picture of a beach. It's a requirment of mine to look at beaches on a daily basis. Remember I'm try to Roll with the Changes. One of the Changes has been an extended Winter. This time last year I was riding outside. Right now it's even dangerous to run outside because of the accumulation of Ice on the trails. By my estimate there are 4 weeks left of tights, lon sleeve tops, jacket, hat and gloves. We'll see if I'm right.

It's a good life....

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