Sunday, February 1, 2009


Mary and Marco at the Munich Olympic Stadium - Site of the vamous Steve Prefontaine/Lasse Virren 5000 meter showdown. And so much more of course. Pre is a favorite in the eyes of Marco.

The Pool at the Olympic Park - Munich. Afteral the Olympics are really a big Swim Meet and Track meet.

The Wave at the English Garden - Munich. Yes, that is a surf board and yes, they surf the wave.

Sometimes it's just good to go. On Saturday the three of us drove to Munich. We toured the Olympic Park and then went to dinner at Tacos Y Tequila, the best mexican food in Germany. Sunday I ran with my friend Brian Enge who was in Munich (From Cardiff) for the ISPO trade show. We had a good long run and a good chat about life. Later in the morning the family visited one of the Art museums that had a display of Picaso. Then we watched the surfers in the English Garden.
It's just good to get away from the routine and do something different.
It's a good life....

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