Sunday, February 22, 2009


Poison Frogs

For some reason I thought I'd post these pictures. One is of a great adidas trail shoe called the Kanadia ($60) in the color referred to in the office as the Poison Frog. The picture on the right is of a kid in Panama holding a real poison frog. You can see where the shoe got it's color. By the way we did pay the kid for the picture. We Mary, Marco and I not we adidas.

The Poison Teacher

Today Marco and I went to the pool. He had some trouble in swim lessons when he was asked to swim across the deep end of the big pool. He freaked out. So he and I went to the pool today to try to correct the situation. I think it all broke down with that phrase correct the situation. I used all my swim lesson teaching skill to get him used to the water. He was doing great. Then I did the crazy thing and asked him to to swim to the other wall, accross the deep end. He freaked, I freaked we both freaked and the session ended. We've both come to the conclusion that I can't teach him and he can't take my teaching. Of course I'm the more responsible but it's true. I guess that's why I don't play golf too. I would never take lessons from my Dad. The only time I did play and play o.k. I had a teacher who wasn't my Dad. So it's back to my orginal goals for the year. Work on something new for both of us to enjoy. We did that skiing because I'm the last one to teach anyone how to ski. I'm interested in a future of ocean fishing with him too. I know it's a long way off due to our current life in land locked Germany but Ocean fishing will happen. I really know nothing about it so it would be cool to learn together. Oh and if he want's to become a runner, I'll hire a coach.

Poison in the Body

On the training front I have to listen to my body and head a little more. On Wednesday I headed out for a 105 minute run. I didn't feel great going out and it was cold. I was under dressed and it was cold (13F at the start and 10F at the finish). By the time I was done I was shivering but not the I'm cold shivering, the I've got a cold shivering. I should have paid attention. If I skip that run I probably avoid the cold. The cold did not give me the cold. The cold was there and I just helped it out by breaking my body down just enough to let it in. So that run basically killed my week. This is what a killed week looks like:

Monday - 45 minute ride on the turbo trainer.

Tuesday - 60 minutes swim with 3 X 400 meters. 45 minutes in the weightroom.

Wednesday - 105 minute stupid run in frozen shoes. 30 minutes on the turbo trainer stupid again.

Thursday - Day off because of cold

Friday - Day off because of cold.

Saturday - Swim 50% of workout because of cold. 45 minutes of weights

Sunday - 60 minutes on turbo trainer (workout called for 120 minutes) 30 minute run.

I'm feeling much better today Sunday than I did on Friday. I do really well once I have the cold, to shut down and get rid of it. Tea is my friend this week. I know that based on what I've seen going around the office mine was mild. I really believe it's because I eat well and pay attention. I do think I could have done better by not going out on Wednesday. Who knows maybe I wouldn't be writing this post if I hadn't gone.

As you can tell riding sucks right now. I haven't been outside on a bike since December. That includes the mountain bike. The air temperature right now is ridable but the roads are a mess of slush and ice patches. The trails are a total mess and have been for 6 weeks. Ice is the bugger here. No traction for the tires. Next winter I invest in studded winter tires.

No complaints though. Since I got the Power Meter last fall I can monitor things on the turbo. I can see I'm getting stronger.

It's a good life.....


PS. If you need a good trail shoe, look at the Kanadia. It rules!

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