Saturday, February 28, 2009

2 years today

2 Years in Germay
Today marks the official 2 year anniversary of my arrival in Germany. It also marks the date when Mary, Marco and I lived on different sides of the world for almost 4 months. If I had to do it again, that's the only thing I would have changed. How I'm not sure but I would have had all of us come over at the same time. Germany is great! Once you get used to the order and the system it's a great place to live. In the last year we've been to Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Holland, Berlin, Black Forest, Munich, the US and Panama. Living in San Diego we never would have done that in one year. Last night Marco spent the night at the house of one of his German buddies. If the family wanted to they could speak German the entire time and Marco would understand and speak back in German as well. They won't do that because they are such a cool family. The sleepover was last minute. They stopped by the house at 8:30pm asked if Marco could spend the night and took his stuff. Experiences that will stay with him the rest of his life.

2 Years at adidas
This also marks the 2 year anniversary at adidas. I wouldn't trade this in either. The people I work with are great. Here I am complaining about leaving my family for 2 years. One of the people I work really closely with has been here 2 years as well. Her family (Husband and Son) are still at home in China. Christine is an amazing person to do what she's been doing.
The team dyanamic is so international and it's a great challenge to incorporate this aspect into a meeting let alone an entire working day. In general most reading this blog probably have meetings filled with Americans, where the language is the same, meeting customs are the same etc. Now have a meeting about a shoe where it's you, a german product manage, Polish designer and Christine from China. Only one in the group is a native English speaker. Only one in the group is loud and demonstrative by nature. It just presents challenges on how a meeting should take place. It's so routine that it's not even a thought going into the meeting. That's what is so cool about working with these people.

2 years and counting. Who knows how long we'll be here but for sure we are going to make the most of it while we are here.

Off to ride my bike, outside!

It's a good life...
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