Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hawksley Workman

Happy Monday to all. Yesterday was a banner day. I road my bike outside for the first time in 2009 and I found new music. Add to that playing soccer in the back yard with Marco and the day was complete.

The Music

I'm a huge fan of music in general. I can listen to anything and I love to go hear it live. Yesterday I was introduced to Hawksley Workman. I had never heard it before, just read about it on a blog and bought it. I think they are from Canada. It was great. Our Ipod is full of single albums of bands. Sure we have lots of bands with multiple selections but the majority is one band one album. Some of it I'm bummed that I don't have more and some I'm just happy having one. In general if I've seen you live and you were good, I've got all your stuff. That's why we have all of Cheap Trick.

The Bike

Finally a day that wasn't bitterly cold or roads covered in Ice. I could have ridden other days if I were one to go later in the morning or later in the day. But I'm not, I stick to my early morning schedules. It allows me to play soccer in the back yard if I want to. So I tend to leave before the family is awake and get done by the time they are ready to go. Besides I enjoy the mornings roads with no cars. Anyway I over did it on the bike yesterday. I road every hill I could find and some of them I charged up. Just the feeling of flying up the road felt good. One thing I noticed and probably not the first time is that my Bike doesn't fit me all that well. I'll have to take some pictures and to find out whear the problems lie. I guarantee it's got something to do with my ultra long torso. I seem to be all over the front of the bike on the road. We'll see what can be done.

The Sun

The last two days the sun has been trying to push through the clouds. About the same time each day 3-4pm it's been that big glow through the clouds. Yesterday while Marco and I were kicking the ball around, there was the sun. Trying to stage one of those great German sunsets. So Marco and I stayed out as long as we could. Just soaking up the power and beauty that the sun is. The clouds ended up taking over before the big glow appeared on the Horizon but it was great while it lasted. Even when it's cool ourside (45F) and the sun is just fighting through the clouds, it can bring warmth to your heart if you just ask. Love that thing!

It's a good life...


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