Monday, March 9, 2009

Food Coma

As I write this I feel like I just got out of a food coma but that's not possible. It's 5:30 am and I haven't eaten since 8:00pm last night. The food coma however is my topic for today. There are some good and some bad. I'll start with the good. On Sunday I did a two hour workout that consisted of 90 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes running. It wasn't hard but the weather made it a hard effort. It was cold, raining and muddy. When I returned I was really hungry and made my favorite breakfast of all time, Migas. Or at least my version. 3 eggs scrambled with refried beans, cheese and Salsa. I ate really well. Then I sat on the couch to read (I had takend a shower so I was clean) and I must of been there 10 minutes and I was out cold. For 30 minutes I slept and slept hard. Maybe nothing could have woken me up. I woke up not even knowing what day or what time it was. A beautiful food coma. I loved those when I was younger and had more time. It was a Saturday and Sunday ritual. Today it's just a luxury that happens every once in awhile.
This brings me to the rest of the world. Ever noticed how after lunch meetings are terrible. Generally only the holder of the meeting is awake and ready to go. You can thank that to the overly large lunch people eat and the subsequend food coma. Although their eyes are open, they can't hear a single thing you say. I think the Spanish have it right. It's inevitable so why fight it? Let the food coma happen and then get back to work. What I don't get is why do I only get them after long or hard workouts. Why does everyone else get them daily? I know the answer to that but I'll let you ponder it.

It's a good life...
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