Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yesterday Herbert Heiner gathered all the employees at adidas together. Herbert is the Chairman of the Board of the adidas Group. He's been an adidas employee his entire adult life. His presentation style is hilarious. He just has a way of telling you like it is and making you laugh at the same time. He had done the same presentation earlier in the day at our other facility in Herzo. When he got to us and we didn't clap on something he said, he turned it into a competition. "Well I got applause from the other group" he said. Aside from his dry sense of humor he gave us great news and then challenged us. 2008 was a record for the company in sales and net income. Both rose double digits and have done so for 9 years in a row. So, adidas will be paying bonus this year! Legitimate hard earned bonus money I might add. 2009 is a challenge. Retailers have run out of ink in their pen. It will be a very interesting year watching the results. As always there will be big losers and really big winners, there has to be.

It's a good life.....
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