Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dream Big

"Everyone on the starting line dreamed of winning, but only one won - but this is not important - the journey was what was important. Dream big,but let your dreams inspire how you live today. Dreams should not be about the end goal, but rather about day to day living." - Ryan Hall - 2008 Olympian

I posted a letter to Marco awhile back. One of my thoughts for him was to Dream Big. Dream sounds so much better than set your goals. Dream-Goal-Dream-Goal......I think you have to have a Dream to get up in the morning. Ryan is right it's not the end result that matters it's the Journey. If you focus on your dream the learnings gathered along the way will make a better you. I know it's a bit heavy for a Wednesday but it's true.
Watch Ryan on April 20th as he chases yet another running Dream. Americans don't win Boston anymore. Ryan is Dreaming of putting a stop to that thought. He'll be on the starting line of the Boston Marathon trying to make history. It should be fun.

Right now I'm dreaming of the very very near future. The weather will be 50 and sunny for my long run today.

It's a good life...

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