Friday, March 6, 2009

Mud and Such

A few months back I posted about Mud. For a number of weeks Mud was our life. Mud on the Dog, Mud and Marco and Mud on me daily from the bike or running. Well the Mud is back and I'm happy! That's right, I'm happy the Mud is back. Yesterday I had to ride my mountain bike home from work. It was raining and the trails were thick. Mud in my face covering my glasses in my ears. I loved it! It's amazing how you can hate it one time and then it doesn't seem so bad the second time around. I even predicted it would be back and I don't mind. During the ride yesterday my hands didn't hurt from the cold. I could feel my toes. I was actually riding on trails and not on Ice. During the 6 weeks of Mud last year, I was asking Mother Nature to bring snow. Something to cover the mud for even a few days. A couple weeks ago I hit a patch of Ice on my mountain Bike and went down hard, sliding across the "Trail" into a ditch. At that point I asked her to return the mud. Perspective I guess. The cold wasn't so bad this winter until the Ice came to the trails. For about 6 weeks it was difficult to run on the trails and you most certainly couldn't ride a bike. Now the Ice is gone and we have Mudd and I'm happy.

Facebook-Linkin it's all a little strange to me. Yesterday was one of the strangest days of my internet life. I got two invitations on Facebook from names in school a few years ago. It was just shocking to see these names appear on my invitation list. It took me a few minutes to even place where they were from. Then I accepted the invitation. I'm kind of a freak that way, I'm interested in what everyone is doing. OK, then over to Linkin. I got an invitation from the guy that hired me at Road Runner Sports. He left just about 1 year later so it's been 13 years or so since we had conversation. Then I get an invite from him. Turns out he's a consultant and is working on a project he thinks is good for Road Runner Sports. Really weird. But that's not strange enough. One of the hardest jobs in the business world I've found is to be the President of a company with a Founder who is heavily inolved in the day to day business. So as President your decisions may not hold water if the Founder wants to do something different. Well it's no secret that Mike G. the founder of Road Runner Sports is tough to work for. He's not a bad guy at all he just is involved in everything and has an opinion on all of it. So to work there you have two jobs, manage your duties and manage Mike. As President that pressure is immense. Yesterday I got an invitation from a former President of RRS. It totally shocked me. This guy and I respected each other for sure but we did not see eye to eye on much. When I look back, he did a great job of managing Mike. You never knew who made the decision. Direction was generally final. But we really didn't see things the same way when it came to my department. There was some tension there. So I was a bit shocked when I got the Linkin Invitation. I accpeted of course. I good way to mend bridges that maybe were on the verge of collapse.

It's a good life....
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