Sunday, April 26, 2009

Country Roads

I just love riding in Germany. First of all the roads are exceptionally smooth. Yes of course winter wears on them but they get repaired often enough and correctly. My favorites are the narrow, one lane country roads. You never really know where they will take you. Generally instead of coming into a village on an open side you come into the village through the back. You may have to avoid chickens, cats and maybe even the farm tractor as it pulls out but that's it. Rarely if ever are there cars. Generally every time I go out on my bike my goal is a new road and at least one or two new villages. Depending on the length of the road it could be a great deal more. Yesterday was one such ride. 3 hours was the goal so I chose north. above is a picture of our new home. I placed a bid on it as I was riding by. Not bad for a country estate.
It's a good life....

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