Monday, April 13, 2009

The Sun

As I've said multiple times the Sun is the key to life. When there is no sun like the recent winter months here in Germany there is a certain mood that strikes. It's not bad but it's not super happy either. Its a sense of purpose. Let me get my things done and then get home. It's the lack of sun during the day and it's the overall short days.
Over the last week things have changed. First the sun has been out. Not just out but the complete opposite of those winter months. It's been out in cloudless skies with a super warm glow. Temperatures regularly in the 70's. This has caused a wholesale change in the mood. People are out on their patios until the sun goes down. You can smell the grills all over the neighborhood. Bike paths are full of bikes, in-line skakes, walkers and dare I say runners. Kids are back in the street. Marco spent this weekend outside with the neighbor kids. It's been 6 months since this happened with any regularity. It's like life began again. The doorbell rang multiple times with little girls standing there looking for Marco.

As for me, I road my bike outside in shorts. Freedom from tights, freedom from chill or downright cold. Freedom from a runny nose. Yes, the Sun does bring Life......

It's a good life....
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