Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fine Dad, take the picture.
This is Marco making yummy snacks. He's taking a cooking class after school on Monday so we are trying to foster it by adding things to do on the weekend. The weekend before I left for Panama he made Peanut Butter balls mixed with Honey, raisens, dried cranberries and chocolate chips. They were yummy!

Back home in Germany. Although I knew this would happen it's still strange. The week before I left we had seen more than a week straight of cold rain or snow. You know the saying with March, Lions and Lambs. Well March roared in this year. Last week (the last week of March) while I was in Panama the weather turned. When I landed here yesterday it was a beautiful 75 degrees and Sunny. What a welcome feeling.

Panama was great. Besides being late to the big presentation that one day, all else went great. Every time I go there I am reenergized for what I do as a living. The energy in the room is infectous and it's because of the Latin American people. They are just really appreciative and full of excitement.
The running was good there as well and that always helps on trips like this. I met Craig in the lobby every morning for a run through the Park. The great thing about that was we carried each other through the rough spots. There were clearly days that felt worse than others and it was good to have a running partner and a meeting time to keep the running going. I can't remember the last time a ran when I could feel the sweat rolling off my head. Our morning run started with a 2 mile jaunt to the park. There was one section that was a gradual climb. At the top of the climb with a turn into the sun the first drops of sweat would roll off my head. From then on it was a contiuous stream. Now I always suggest you use technical fabric when running but did you know once it is soaking wet from hot humid conditions, it stays wet. The wicking properies are pretty much gone at this point. On the good side even soaking wet it weights much less than wet cotton and it's still much cooler than soaking cotton. Anyway I managed 55 miles around the park while in Panama. I think that's a record for any trip I've been on. Now it's back to being a triathlete which means less running and more of the other stuff. Consider my one week running camp done.

It's a good life....
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