Friday, April 17, 2009

Life Leading or Leading Life

I've had time to think this week, time to reflect, time to read and time to be inspired. I find inspiration in some normal easy places and then sometimes it just finds me. For example, Tom Boonen inspires me. No, I don't idolize him. I'm way beyond looking up to and idolizing professional athletes. They are really just normal people and all to often they make mistakes. Like Tom Boonen did over a year ago. In a random drug test (testing for performanc enhancers) they found coaine in his blood. Athlough not a banned substance in sport it is an illegal substance. Tom paid the price of fame and fortune for that mistake. But in his words what hurt worse was letting those close to him down. For the last year it was rare to see his name in print without reference to cocaine. The Tour de France banned him from competition last year. Earlier this year he found out he would not be prosecuted by the folks in Belgium. They determined it a minor offense and let him go with a warning. The same they would do for anyone in his situation. So Tom got to focus on bike racing again. Last weekend in the famous Paris - Roubaix bike race he inspired me and probably 1000's of Belgian kids. He powered away from 10 of the best one day riders in the world. With his chin on his handlebars, his lungs bursting out of his chest and his heart pushing more blood than seemed humanly possible he road over the roughest roads in the world to victory. It was an amazing show of strength and determination. OK, I found that. I turned on the Telivision and watched it.

Recently in a regular Blog I read I was turned on to a book. I've been reading it this week. It's called The Blue Sweater. It's a book written by a woman who has spent her life trying to help others. Not in the traditional sense of giving aide to people. She knows that the key to helping other is to give them the tools to help themselves. After all it's more rewarding and long lasting when you do it yourself. If you are currently involved in charity or feel you need to know more about chariatble work, read this book. It will take some time to read not becuase it is long but because the subject is rather deep. I highly suggest it.

Next from the same Blog I was introduced to this guy. I've only read a bit of his stuff but it's inspirational. I really can't wait to read more and get regular updates from him.

So this brings me back to the title of this blog. Is life leading me or am I leading life. As I look back over the last few months and probably the last two years life has been leading me. I think it's the heart of the discussions Mary and I have had about me. Although we never really land on this point I think this is the point. I've been wating for things to happen at adidas, and at home. I let others make decisions for me or let decisions go unmade. I have been going through life which is not bad but it's not me. I'm not happy nor will I ever be happy going through life. I want to lead life. I want to inspire others to lead their life. I don't have all the answers right now but I think it's time to make the commitment to lead my life. My friend Craig regulary says he's changing the world one running shirt or one pair of shorts at a time. I get it now. Craig has a life that he should write a book about. He's lost freinds has seen his freinds suffer and has his own suffering that doctors can't figure out. So he runs every day without fail and he commits to chaning the world through his work. That is inspiring stuff. He gets it. I'm committed to getting back on the train and going after it.

It's a good life....
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