Monday, April 11, 2011

Shoes for Travel

Over the years I have been asked the question "What shoes do you run in" often. While I was packing for this short trip to China (Leave Monday get there Tuesday Night, Return Saturday) I was planning out my running. If you keep up you know that I run every day I'm gone. It keeps me sane and it's the one constant. So planning out my runs I had to plan out my stuff. 5 runs, two pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of running shorts, 2 running shirts.

Why two pairs of shoes? Rotation and surface.
3 of the 5 runs will be on a treadmill. For those I brought the prototype Jordan Rapp #1. They are low to the ground (good for a treadmill) Light and they pack super easy.

For the other two runs I'll be on concrete and it will be flat. So for that I've chosen a new Spring 12 shoe I can't show you just yet. It's got more foam to absorb some of that ultra hard surface. As long as I concentrate on Float while I'm running, this lightweight shoe with more foam will be fine. If I lose the concentration and let my Float go to Flop the concrete will win.

It's a good life....
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