Saturday, April 30, 2011

St George or Bust!

By this time 7:50pm Saturday Night next week I expect to be done with Ironman St George. It's my first Ironman in almost 10 years. I'm not 100% convinced of what caused me to sign up. I honestly think I was just tired of being fat and slow. Anyway the "training" is done. There are a couple tune up hard sessions and then some relaxing swims to go. All that's left is execution of the day.

- To all of those I've said no to for training in the last 5 months I am free to freelance now.
- To coach G thanks for sticking to my crazy schedule.
- To China - Well we'll see about that next Saturday. When I signed up I didn't plan on 3 trips to visit you this Spring.

Most importantly I have to thank Mary and Marco. If it were not for your understanding I would never attempt this nor would I be so ready. I love both of you.

It's a good life....
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