Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warped Reality

My beautiful wife posted this on Facebook the other day:

"What a warped reality I inhabit. I was dragging all day, and could barely get my backside out the door for a (much despised) hill repeat workout. The Mary Jewell version of hill repeats, anyway. Can't say I feel like a million bucks now, but maybe $750, 000. Don't sleep or eat sugar or carbs when you're tired, just run"

I am often asked if my wife is a runner. This quote sums it up. 

Yeah we run because there is a goal out there to be faster than the last time. Yeah we run because we think it makes us look better. Yeah we run because we can't play basketball or catch a baseball. But I think the real reason we get out there is because it makes us feel better. 

Once each weekend Marco and I go running. We try to plan it out mostly because I need to know when I'm running. Because he's a typical 12 year old our runs usually happen at 5pm on Saturday or Sunday. I'd rather do it at 9am but he's just not ready. So we set the plan. But just like any kid it's not his priority. In fact his priority is whatever is happening right now and only right now. So 4:30 rolls around and I send up the prep warning that we are going to run in 30 minutes. Many times I get something in return that is the opposite of excitement. He drags himself away from his thing and slowly gets dressed. All the while complaining that he's tired, that he just doesn't want to go. Usually he asks "Can I eat something first, I'm starving." In general he's throwing up every obstacle in front of the run. 

Somehow each weekend we get outside to run. The run usually starts with him wanting to get it over fast so he takes off at a quick pace. Luckily I've trained him to partially understand it doesn't matter how fast you run, it's still going to be 40 minutes. So off we go. Usually 10 minutes into the run, the negative "I don't want to run kid" turns into the chatty Marco we all know and love. The most observant kid I've ever been around. "Look over there dad, wouldn't you love to have that garden" By the time we are done we've had one of the best conversations of the week. At the end of every run he looks over and says "I feel so much better now, thanks for going with me". 

That's our warped reality as runners. If all else fails to brighten your day, go running. 

It's a good life...

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