Monday, July 11, 2011

Xi'an Day #2 - Terracotta Soldiers

Day #2 in Xi'an was simply amazing. If you ever go to China, you have to go see the Terracotta Soldiers. The story goes Emperor Qin wanted to be buried with his soldiers. So he had them made. Every single one of the 3000 soldier army is unique. The detail work on each one is unbelievable when you take into consideration what was done as art after his time. The amazing thing is he didn't want the enemy or future emperors to find his army so once it was constructed they essentially buried it. Then they kept no records of it ever being built. 

 The day started with flag shopping. The guy in the picture on the bike is selling soup. That can on the back is full of Soup and he rides through the streets yelling out to all around that he has soup for sale. Based on the size of the can it's a healthy business. 
 Isn't he adorable?
 Tough to see but Mary is in the store negotiating her price on the flag. 
 Welcome to Terracotta!
 The Army
 More Army
 An officer
 A Warrior.
 The happy family.
 Perfect alignment!
 A few of the individuals.
The Calvary too!

It's a good life...

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