Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Xi'an Day #3 - And then off to Beijing

 Taking a break. 
 Mary and her friend Mao. You will see many pictures of Mary and Mao. For some reason she has a historical thing for Communist Dictators. I think if you ranked them it would be 1. Fidel 2. Mao and 3. Joseph. She has been to the home of Fidel and seen Mao so I'm confident there is a trip to Moscow in my future. 
He got this from his mother. If ever there is an opportunity. There is a book to read. 
Xi'an is the first place I've ever been denied by a cab driver. More than once we were told, no, I won't go there. Well we didn't feel like waiting and this guy was cheap. It was a total blast for Marco too. 

It's a good life...
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