Sunday, July 10, 2011

China Week #1 - Guangzhou

I've said many times. I love China. I hate getting there and coming back. Taking Mary and Marco fully confirmed why China is so good. If you get a chance visit this wonderful place. The people, the food, the smells it's all worth it. In the next few days or weeks I'll be posting photos and videos of our recent time in China. Starting with Guangzhou the capital city of the province that produces more running shoes than any other area of the world. 

It's kind of heavy. 

 My dream job. All over China there are bike repair stands. This one is mobile and was in a key spot for all the bike commuters. 
 As you can see, he was busy that evening with many customers. 
 I'll post many photo's of the morning culture. It's a culture of tradition and Tai Chi is the #1 morning tradition. Moving the body to keep it healthy. This workout facility and track are just outside the hotel. 
 I just liked the billboard. 

 View from the hotel window. 

 Tiger Claws. No, we didn't buy. 
I call this the air conditioned road. At this time of year it is hot in China. This road surrounded by concrete is blazing hot. The retail stores have air conditioners blasting out cold air from their open doors. As you walk down the middle of the street you feel the cool air. It's kind of freaky. 

It's a good life....
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