Friday, August 9, 2013

Gluten Free does not mean Taste Free

If the bread package or the box says gluten free it's a good bet it will also be taste free. The reason for most of this I believe is because you go gluten free but then try to eat what you have always eaten just in gluten free form. Let's face it gluten filled bread is better and to take it one step further go to Europe and then you'll decide that they have the best gluten filled bread in the world.

15 years ago we were thrown into this gluten free thing. Mary was just not feeling right and at times was doubled over in pain. We tried everything and then one day she worked with a naturalist Dr. He did his tests and said to her, "your body probably doesn't accept gluten". He asked her to test the theory. Go gluten free for a month then one day eat a pizza. Mary did that and literally passed out in front of me. From that day on she has been gluten free. Think about it. 15 years ago there was no gluten free bread.

As we have seen the gluten free stuff come out we've tried it all. Most of it is tasteless and because of the ingredients used (maybe one day a write up on why being healthy costs so much) wehav chosen to stay away and just stick to real food.

This resource just came on my radar and it's great. Gluten free does not mean Taste free. Put this blog in your follow list and try the recipes out. You will not be disappointed.

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