Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweet Beat App Follow Up

Yesterday my plan was to run 60 minutes with 20 minutes of tempo and strides at the end. My HRV on Sweet Beat was low in the 70s which indicated a tired worn out body. I opted to cut the run short, do no tempo and do the strides. That was a good move because I felt better after this.
Later in the afternoon I jumped into masters swimming. I got there late and the only lane with fewer than 5 people was the second to fastest lane. The distances were short and the swimming was IM so I figured I could sit at back and cruise. But masters is an interesting place. I have never seen so many fearfully people. I jumped into the pool with the warm up set in progress. Once that was done it was time for the main set. It consisted of for sections each containing a majority stroke. The first section was Breast Stroke and nobody lease wanted to lead. So the guy who is swimming in the faster lane than normal with a short warm up (me) led. After that effort I say 2nd or 3rd with someone on my feet the entire time. All of the guys in this lane are swimmers and have been for life. I was pushing my current swim fitness level.

Today I woke up, did my test and what do you know, my HRV is even lower and I feel it so any planned workout it scrapped. Only an easy spin to wake up the legs is on tap. Deep breathing and laughter is my goal all day.

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