Monday, January 26, 2015

In the Midst of Chaos

This was my Friday:

3:45 Wake Up - Thinking of the work I would have to do during the day. Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines. Worried about my financial situation. We have lots of $ but my stress is trying to make sure I don't waste it trying to build a business that doesn't succeed. That's not healthy.

5:00am - Coffee on the couch with the Dog, doing the work that was on my mind.

5:20am - Relief that it's all (business/$) taken care of. Wondering where Mary is and knowing that waking her up when she didn't want to be woken up is risky. It's a school day but it's also finals day and maybe she doesn't have a final first period that she forgot to tell me about.

5:30am - "DAVID, WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP" - Shit

5:45am - Her coffee in my hand, her breakfast made I walk up to check in on her progress. That didn't go well.

5:46am - Niki and I head out in the dark to enjoy the stars, the sunlight on the horizon and our solitude in our park.

6:10am - I am in the shower. Cold water running over me. The perfect way to startle me awake. It's all good now.

6:35am - Knock on the Door "Marco it's 6:35. Don't worry you have plenty of time. Turn your music on and let's get up". I never have to wake him up. He's always in the shower by 6:20. He heard the debate in the bathroom at 5:45 and turned his alarm clock off.

7:20am - He's out the door ready for his final day of the semester.

7:30am - Meditation time. Whew!

8:15am - Where's the Handy Man - Text Him - Reschedule

8:30am - Heading to the coffee shop to read the paper. Yes I find when chaos starts the day, a quiet reading of the paper is a good thing.

8:35am - Text from Marco - Bring my books at 9:50. What books and where might I find them?

9:50am - I'm standing outside the school wondering if I interpreted his short text correctly. I didn't I have one of the books but not the other. He's upset kind of and doesn't thank my effort.

And so this is how my Friday started out. What did I learn:

  1. It's just work - It will get done when it gets done. You know from vast experience you can't expect from others what you expect from yourself so just take a deep breath. 
  2. I would have reacted just like Mary and Marco did. Now that I see their reactions I will not. I will be openly humble about my dumb ass mistakes. 
  3. The Sweet Beat App is gold. It told me this morning that relaxing and recovery were important. I chose to not do anything physical. To sit in the sun enjoy it's warmth and execute a flawless day. 
It's a good life.....

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