Monday, January 5, 2015

The Next 50

I heard a quote last night: "Your first 50 years are to build your life, your next 50 years are to live your life"

I've been thinking a great deal about being 50. I've found that losing a brother not much older than me will do that to you.

I read Fast After 50 by Joel Friel.

My take away notes for myself
  1. The work I've been doing the last 6 weeks has been the right work. A mixture of High Intensity, Some Moderate Intensity and some Aerobic Capacity (MAF) work.
  2. Where I have failed because I just haven't made it a top priority is in Strength Work. I'm 3 weeks into a periodized programmed weight routine. I'm confident this is a difference maker.
  3. Rest - The older the more rest you need. I find that at 50 I need a heck of lot more rest than I did at 30.
  4. Recovery - Rest is a big part of that but recovery from hard work is harder than it used to be. I'm working out every detail and tracking it daily. The worst thing to do is go hard when you are not recovered.
  5. Diet - I eat well but I'm aware that the make of my food will need to change. Now that I'm not traveling the world as much I should be able to stay consistent with whatever changes I make.
The question is why spend so much time on being Fast. I think I'm wired this way. I'm competitively wired and I figure that if I can learn to be fast than I'll be doing all the right things to remain healthy and to LIVE the next 50 years.

It's a good life....

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