Thursday, May 1, 2008

Attitude Again

Panama is full of fun things to see. One landmark you see everywhere is the public buss. Each bus driver decorates his/her bus with great artwork. The above picture is just one of the buses. No two are alike. I guess you know it's your bus by the design and not really the route name.
I've been thinking a great deal about my attitude. I can't say that I'm very proud of the attitude I've had recently. I can blame it on travel, workload, Germany, the poor health of our dog or a myriad of other things but the truth is it's easier to just change it around than put blame anywhere. So I was thinking about this bad attitude I have and came to a realization. I think the biggest cause was a lack of forced good stuff . There is this old saying "Put good stuff in and good stuff comes out". I just don't think, I've been putting enough good stuff in lately. So my short term goal is to put good stuff in every day. Today I visisted a blog I haven't read in a long time and it is full of good heady stuff. So I spent some time reading it and I'm glad I did. (
At the Boston Marathon last week I was standing on the sidelines cheering on people I knew in the pack when a familiar face ran by. Craig Zelent is a top notch guy from San Diego and a race nemisis of mine. He usually kicks my butt. Anyway I saw him run by in a great time of 3:05. So I emailed him to see how is race went and to see if his wife Laurie had run. He was please with his event and had some good things to say in general as always. The increadible thing is Laurie ran too and it was her 142nd marathon. Are you kidding me, 142 marathons. I've run 8 and I'm really tired from doing it and she has run 142. She definately goes down and my hero for this week. I'm sure she has 143 coming up in June at Rock n Roll.
The Tready
Today (putting good stuff in) I made my way to the Gym for a treadmill workout. I love this workout and hate it at the same time. By the time I'm done, I'm dizzy from the effort but I'm sure it will feel good on my next run. Here is what it looked like:
15 minute warm up (gradient at 1%)
8 min at 13K/hour
2 min rest 11K/hr
6 min at 13.5K/hr
2 min rest
4 min at 14K/hr
2 min rest
2 min at 14.5K/hr
2 min rest
1 min at 15K/hr
15 min cool down or fall off the tready whichever comes first.
It's a good life.....
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