Monday, May 12, 2008

Ode to Neptune

Recently Neptune the soul of our family has been feeling ill. Like we did with Freeway years ago we contacted an animal psychic to find out where he stands. It's still a bit crazy for me to believe that someone can talk to my dog spiritually but it happens. As we found out Neptune has a problem in his mouth that makes it hard for him to eat (you can see him struggle) and he has a pain in his belly. The pain was later confirmed to be a tumor of some sort. So we know that it's a matter of days or weeks for Neptune.

I am a firm believer that a good life is filled with experiences far greater than it can be filled with things. It's with this idea that I write (with Neptune at my side) an ode to the experiences with Neptune.

In My Hand

Neptune I held you in my hand on the second day of your life. It was at that moment that you and I bonded. For the next 14 years we would be tied together by that bond. You were so small in my hand and a huge repsonsibility of treating you to the best life a dog could have became mine.

Welcome Home Mom

You welcomed Mary home with the day you arrived at our house. You hopped (you couldn't run yet) all the way to her hands.


You loved your big sister beyond imagine. You loved her so much she had a stench from all your slobber. It was an intense love that humans should try to emulate. With ultimate respect for her you loved her. Freeway stayed young because of you. The day Freeway was put to rest your life changed and you, out of respect for her took the charge of being the soul of the family.

I got the Job

The day of my interview and hire at Road Runner Sports was a great day and one I'll never forget. The food poisoning I received from the early dinner with my new boss was with me for two days. Mary was in France with her students so it was you and Freeway who took care of me. You sat in the bathroom while I hugged the toilet. You snuggled with me on the floor. I don't think I could have survived those two days without you.


Neptune you will be with us for years. For it will be years down the road before we lose all of your hair. You have left it everywhere you have been. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Dr. Soyfur

It's a love hate with you and Dr. Soyfur. You simply hated going to see him hiding under the chair like you did, but you loved how you felt when you came out. We're convinced you paid for his new house but it was worth it. You and those ears were enough to make all of us cry.


You tollerate Scout! Most dogs wouldn't do that. She is pushy and doesn't care about anyone or anything but her and you accept that. She's a good dog because she had you to learn from. She loves you but just has a hard time showing it.


Words can't describe what you mean to Marco. You were there the day he came home and you have helped us raise him. You let him lay on you, you let him tease you and you love him with all your heart. It's in your eyes. Your the last one he says goodnight to every night. Marco has always been the kind to save the best for last.


Although the bond between you and I was set at day 2. You always knew who would take care of you. It was Mary you woke up in the middle of the night when you felt ill. It was Mary you barked at when it was time to eat. You know deep down that you owe your great life to Mary the ultimate Mom of Moms.

Neptune, you have been with us for 14 years. You will be in our hearts and family stories for the rest of our lives. I just hope today as you sit next to me, that you understand how much you mean to us.

You were the greatest birthday gift I ever got! The experiences you gave me will last a lifetime.

I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.



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dave said...

Thank you for expressing what you are feeling about such an important part of your family. All of us who have or have had pets know what you are feeling.