Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pictures from my Saturday Ride

This is like the perfect little farm picture. Tractors, cow and silo for storage. What more does a farmer need.
I just love the bird and the carp on the sign. You can eat, drink and sleep here if you choose. The Carp is there to let you know that it's the specialty of the house. You can only eat carp in months that don't end in Y. I'm not kidding and these folks know their carp.

Just a nice little courtyard. Gardens and cleanliness are very important to Germany. I'm sure someone was sweeping the gutter of the road earlier in the day.

My hideout. During the Biblical type rain last Saturday, this is the table I crawled under. It looks so much different without all the water.

Things going on in Herzo. Sommerkirchweih = Beer Fest. The annual Beer fest is going on. Anything for Beer here in Bavaria. Below is one of my favorite signs. Notice how they have played on the Ironman M dot logo. Theirs is an A dot logo.

The competition between brothers lives on. They're long gone but the competition is still there. The two Dassler brothers split up, one starting adidas the other Puma. As the story goes they opened up shop accross the river from each other. It's not much of a river but we'll go with the story. In 2001 adidas purchased land that once housed the US Military. The main street leading to the adidas Wold of Sport intersects at this corner. The future home of the Puma cat. On the opposite corner is the Puma outlet store. So, if you want to go to adidas you have to go through Puma. There are plans to open a mall on one of the other corners. adidas has already secured the anchor for a huge Peformance store/museum. Crazy amazing competition. Come August Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay will duke it out on the track in Berlin. The winner will be crowned fastest man in the world. Usain runs for Puma, Tyson for adidas. You can bet the winner's mug will be all over the little town of Herzogenaurach, Germany.
It's a good life....

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