Sunday, July 19, 2009


In the sport of Triathlon transition is often overlooked. With three sports to train for, how important can the transition from one to the next during a race be? Time and again though results show a different story. Look at the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd and you can usually see a difference in speed of transition. Most often the winner also had the faster transition of the three. In the recent Ironman Frankfurt, the lead women came to the bike/run transition together. One quickly put on her running shoes and out the tent she went. The other stopped to put on compression socks (probably a sponsor), stopped to pee and then headed out. Guess what, the difference in their transitions is the difference in the result. The first out won by the same margin of difference as their transition. So in Triathlon, it's important to practice transtion.

As I sit and type this I seem to be in the endless transition. I've been moving out of our house for 4 weeks and I'm not done yet. Tomorrow is the day when I finish. But then I'm not done. There is still a week here in Germany. Is it possible I could have practiced or prepared better? I'm sure there is. I think Scout would agree with me that we could have done better.
I watched an interview with Nelson Mandela's wife. He's transitioning from world leader to elderly, forgetful man. She says it's tough on him, getting old. He hates using the cane. This made me think of my own father. He's had his hip replaced, his knee replaced and shoulder surgery. All in the last year. I wonder how well he feels he prepared for it and how he's dealing with it today. I'm sure I would (will be) very pissed that I can't do the same things when I'm in that boat.
In Triathlon the only one who suffers from a bad transition is you the athlete. In life it's not quite that simple. My only suggestion is preperation has got to be the key.

It's a good life.....
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