Thursday, July 2, 2009

View's From My Walk With Scout

Today Scout and I took a walk. We are really going to miss our walks or runs together here in the country. It's such a good place to be a dog.

Generally the start of our walk is on this bike path. Have I said how much I love the endless bike paths?
The view of our house from the path.

Trees, there are lots of trees. Most sit together in beautiful forests. This huge tree sits alone in its own majestic way.

Our walk contiues up a farmers path. Scout is rarely on the path. She's usually out in the fields looking for rabbits.

Our Turnaround is usually this nice little Oasis. Not a bad place to stop and ponder for awhile. It's a great place to witness the Sunrise.

A hunter's perch. I've never seen one in use but this is what they use for deer hunting.

Along many of the country roads there are Frog crossing signs. There are times you have to stop to allow the migratory frogs to pass through. This little guy was just crossing the path.

Sunrise over Grossenseebach. Have I told you lately how much I love the sunrise?

The sheep pen. You can't see them but they are in there. Usually they are out grazing. On one crazy walk when we still had Neptune all hell broke loose. Marco and I had the two dogs off the leash. Scout got all excited and went running around the fence finding a way in the Pen. Marco went chasing Scout. Neptune went running the other way. My first priority was Marco then it was Neptune the old lab. I finally got him only to look up and see Scout in that little Barn with 3 sheep cornered. She had this "look what I have" look on her face. It's funny now but it wasn't then.

Did I tell you Scout loves the fields. There is lots of dew right now so here she is soaking wet. What you can't see are all the Ticks crawling all over her. It's been a good walk when her tongue is hanging out and she's soaking wet. I'm sure she slept well today.
It's a good life.....

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