Saturday, February 19, 2011

Early Birds

Today was not routine. Plans were shot. I was scheduled to fly out of San Diego early to catch a flight to Hong Kong. At 5:00am United called me to tell me the flight our of San Diego was cancelled. I'm showered and ready to go and now have the entire day to think about it. At some point I decided to go to the gym to work out some of my frustration. What I found was an entire subset of fitness enthusiasts I've never seen:

1. Guys well mostly guys showed up 45 minutes early for a spin class. It appears there is a method to getting the best bike or the favored bike position.
2. Nobody under the age of 35 works out at 7:00am on a Saturday.
3. Few if any use the heavy iron. Most are on machines.
4. The true fitness woman doing all the new stuff on balls, balance boards, using cables.
5. The two old guys still playing catch with a ball. This time it was a heavy ball.
6. Honey, sitting on the leg press machine, reading a magazine and pumping your legs for 20 minutes does what?
7. The Go after it Woman on the Elyptical machine doing hard efforts.
8. The I'm too small for this woman on the stair machine literally bouncing up and down, up and down.
9. Guys well mostly guys back and forth from the workout room where the spin class is, strutting their stuff.
10. Me still the skinniest damn guy in the gym even at 7:00am.

It's a good life....
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