Monday, February 7, 2011

What are You Training For?

Recently this is the #1 question I get most often. I think it's probably because recently I've begun to train with other people again. But at least once a week someone asks "What are you Training For?" Like you have to have a reason to go out and push yourself from time to time.
Yesterday I did a race on the coast highway. The race consisted of 4 of us. Two running a 10K and two running a 5K. We were setting a mark for something in the future. The point is while I'm "racing" up and down the coast highway for 40 minutes I pased 250 runners. Were they all training for something? Maybe I should have asked them.
My standard answer to everyone is that I'm training for the rest of my life. To be honest that is the truth. I push myself so that I know I can still push myself. I'm my biggest competitor. I also push myself because when I do I forget all the crap going on around me. Mostly it's people who drive me crazy that cause me to  go hard to forget them. I also push myself because I feel better when I do. So when I say I'm training for the rest of my life it's really true.
Today I did a swim test. 1000 yards for time. I swam 14:04. 6 months ago I swam 14:30. 6 months ago I weighed 10lbs more than I do right now and 6 months ago I could only do 6 total pull ups. Today I can do 12 non stop and then do 12 more. What's the beneift of all of this? You guessed it, the rest of my life...

It's a good life...

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