Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh No!

Shoot, I was all calm and ready to go until late today. Then the enormity of it all started to sink in. These events are just a bit crazy. Here is a list of simply the water bottles.

In the morning
1 - Large Bottle - Sustained Energy - I've been a Hammer guy since day #1 of the company.
1 - Large Bottle - Heed

On the Bike
1 Large bottle - Water
1 Large Bottle - Heed
1 Large Bottle - Sustained Energy

Feed Bag
1. Large Bottle - Sustained Energy

Run Bag
1. Small Bottle and hand carrier - Heed

Feed Bag
1 Small Bottle for hand carrier - Heed - Just in case.

Post Race with Marco
2 Large Bottles - Recoverite

These darn races are a mastery in pure preparation.

So I'm feeling a bit nervous making sure I have everything I need. Packing my bag, checking it twice, packing the car, the bike etc. Then my beautiful wife says "Promise me you won't put yourself in the Hospital again". You know that saying "you're only as good as your last race". Well to Mary that last race was Ironman Florida 10 years ago. In that race I felt great the entire way. It poured down rain on the bike which I figured out later is not a good thing. When it's hot, humid and then raining, the rain acts as a coolant and also curbs your "Need" for water. Basically I wasn't drinking. I got on the run, ran fast and came in under 10 hours which was the goal. When I crossed though I didn't feel quite right. In fact I started to shiver and felt faint. I tried to eat, but I couldn't. I tried to drink water but I couldn't. I went to the medical tent and they said "You'll be fine, we have people that are going to fill these beds that will be way worse than you are." Mary and I hiked across the beach to our condo. She made soup and bought me some chips. Nothing. I could get nothing down. By this time she's worried sick. 9pm rolls around and I've still had nothing to eat and very little to drink. I say to her, let's go to the Hospital. Not something I'm going to say unless it's getting serious. We get to the hospital and they do their series of tests. Yep, you are severely dehydrated. Essentially your body has resorted to eating itself. They admit me into the hospital at 12:02am. Under Florida Law I'm  their through the next night. 9 IV bottles later and I'm like new. The only problem is Mary is already on the plane for home.

So this weekend Sunday is Mother's Day. For Mother's Day Mary has floor seats for her and a friend to see Ricky Martin. This is not just any show for Mary it's the show. I think I better stay healthy on the run Saturday.

It's a good life....
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