Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where Do You Work?

 The day after Ironman St. George, we made the 7 hour drive home. The next morning I was on a plane to Europe for our Zoot Sales meeting. It was a rough turn around. My head was still trying to digest what I had done or not done on Saturday and then with very little rest I was at work.
 As the week wore on I slowly but surely forgot that I had even done an Ironman. I'm tired but nothing hurts. I found myself itching to ride my bike. But the time away from my bike was probably good for me.
 On about Wednesday or Thursday after a number of trips into the city center of Annecy, France it hit me. I get to do this for a living. I travel to some great places to work. Annecy is in the middle of the French Alps. Beautiful!
There are people who actually hate going to work every day. I'm not one of those. I get paid to build running shoes and I get to sell those running shoes in beautiful places like Annecy.

It's a good life...

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